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Some Quick History

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Some Quick History Empty Some Quick History

Post by Washington on 6th June 2014, 12:09 am

A quick history of Gandala

Gandala is a continent on a world populated entirely by pokémon. This was not always so; many thousands of years ago, humanity maintained a civilization on Gandala. A cataclysm struck, wiping out the society, and wiping out most of the humans. As of modern day, humans have not been seen on the continent for several millenia. They left not much behind. Most of their structures are no longer standing, but some ruins have remained preserved.

After humanity was driven from Gandala, pokémon began to change. They grew more intelligent, and began to have a capacity for affective reasoning. Pokémon developed morality, and a social structure grew as a result. Many species began to wander outside of their native habitats, and a concept of value and ownership developed. Some humanoid pokémon are capable of crafting simple tools. Aside from these advances, pokémon behave mostly like animals.

Pokémon have developed factions on Gandala, with their own unique goals and desires. Some want power, others want wealth. Then, of course, a good few want justice. There are dangerous groups, and benevolent groups alike. Such organizations like to make their homes in caves, or perhaps an ancient human structure.

One organization, the Shadowspeakers, has taken residence in an old human fortification. They are malicious, and are rumored to posess the capability to change pokémon into shadow pokémon.

Another organization, the Allied Defenders, contrarily serves to protect the innocent. This organization used to be much larger in past years, but still holds a good reputation throughout the land.

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