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Post by Dead PhoenixFX on 3rd June 2014, 11:50 am

Name: Rex
Species: Larvitar
Age: New Born
Unique Physical Characteristics: None
Personality: Quite friendly but quite temperamental
History: He's lost his mother in a rock fall accident and has been by himself every since.
Approved: Yes
Status: Alive

Dead PhoenixFX's Characters 246

Name: Amber
Species: Larvesta
Sex: Female
Age: New-born
Unique Physical Characteristics: She has one green eye and one blue eye
Personality:Quite a timid creature, she is quite nervous meeting other pokemon but if she gets to know you then she'll warm up to you
History: She hatched from her egg without any sight of her mother
Approved: Yes
Status: Alive

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Name: Zoom
Species: Celebi
Sex: Genderless
Age: Unknown
Unique Physical Characteristics: "Shiny" charactaristics
Personality: A happy creature who wishes to befriend everybody.
History: As they watch over the pokemon they have come to like Gandala as their home.
Approved: Yes
Status: Alive
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