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"And we're lost."

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"And we're lost." Empty "And we're lost."

Post by Washington on 3rd June 2014, 7:47 pm

It was noon, and temperate in the pine forests of Gandala's northern region. Resch grew visibly impatient as Agoste looked around the area, scanning for landmarks.

"You've gotten us lost." remarked Resch.

"All these trees just look the same," commented Agoste.

"Of course they look the same!" he snapped, "Where's your sense of direction?"

"Where's yours? We've been travelling together this whole time, and you hadn't said a word until now."

"Shut up. We need to go north."

"Excellent," Agoste replied sarcastically, "Which way is that?"

Resch looked up at the sky. The sun was in the center, and he could not denote cardinal direction from it.

Agoste went on, "We'll need to wait a little while."

"Thank you for your observation," replied Resch sarcastically.

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