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Getting Started (READ IF YOU ARE NEW)

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Getting Started (READ IF YOU ARE NEW) Empty Getting Started (READ IF YOU ARE NEW)

Post by Washington on 2nd June 2014, 12:19 pm

1. What is Gandala?

In roleplay, Gandala is a continent populated only by Pokémon, and not humans. The land is untouched by the destructive hand of civilization.

Gandala, the website, is a wild Pokémon roleplay. You play as a Pokémon character which you create, in a world without humans. The forums provide the setting, with each board (in the roleplaying sections) playing host to a location.

2. What is there to do?

This is a roleplaying game. The goal of the game is whatever you choose it to be. Explore the world to its very ends. Your mind is free to create whatever situations you want, and interact with others.

3. How do I play?

All you need in order to play our roleplaying game is a character, which must be submitted and approved by staff. Once you have an approved character, you can begin by either starting a topic in a location (board) or by posting in an existing one. You may also create as many non-player characters as you need to accelerate your plot.

4. How do Pokémon Battles work?

Battles between characters belonging to different members must be played out post-by-post, with respective attacks and responses. Moderators will ensure that battles are played out realistically and fairly.  When battling another member's Pokémon, you must allow the opponent the opportunity to respond to your actions.

5. How does evolution work?

There are no defined “levels” for Pokémon here. A Pokémon’s evolution roughly corresponds with its age. Additionally “special evolutions” (i.e. friendship, trade) are ignored, and are treated as regular level evolutions. Kadabra becomes Alakazam the same way Wartortle becomes Blastoise.  The exception is evolutionary stones, which may be found. Provided your rank allows, you may evolve your Pokémon at your leisure.

6. Is this Pokémon Mystery Dungeon?

No. In those games, Pokémon use handmade constructs, and essentially have a civilization. This is not so. The Pokémon here are intelligent, and capable of problem solving and emotional thought, but otherwise behave as animals.

7. How do points work?

You get points by roleplaying. You earn 1 point for each post you make. The OOC section does not count towards this.

8. What if I have more questions?

This is a nice establishment. We are nice people. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask a moderator. Send me a private message; I will help you with the utmost alacrity.

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