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Lightsworn Aelita's Character

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Lightsworn Aelita's Character Empty Lightsworn Aelita's Character

Post by Lightsworn Aelita on 10th June 2014, 11:12 am

Name: Charisma
Species:  Gardevoir
Sex:  Female
Age: Teenage(In general life phases)
Unique Physical Characteristics:   (Not mandatory) instead of green, she is a light red color
Personality: She is perky and cheerful, as well as a bit of a manipulator, loving to mess around with the heads of her friends and enemies, usually to get what she wants.
Status: Alive
History: Orphaned as a Ralts, she grew up learning to steal and cheat. She quickly got into stealing, as a way to get food, money, and other valuables. Many times however, her theft caused her to get enemies, who want her gone, causing her to flee from one place to another.
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